If you patronize Singapore Airlines, you may be pleased to discover that this popular airline is now permitting their clients to pay for flights and other purchases, such as preferred seat upgrades, via digital payment apps for Apple Pay and Android Pay! These new mobile apps serve the needs of modern consumers by offering them faster, more convenient ways to pay for what they need.

An announcement about this new initiative was made in late October, 2017. Singapore Airlines let the public know that brand-new methods of payment will make it simpler for customers to do business with the airline.

Payments Will Happen in Minutes

Clients who utilize Apple Pay and Android Pay won’t have to fill out payment details before they buy services through these apps. Those who sign on for the Android Pay apps will already have debit card or credit card data stored in the system, in addition to their billing addresses, via their Android Pay accounts. The new and ultra-modern payment solution is right on the cutting-edge of technology. The airline may experience a jump in bookings as customers begin to discover just how easy it is to pay via these easy-to-use software applications.

With regard to Apple Pay, a device account number which is unique will be assigned to each client. These numbers will be encrypted and stored within secure elements of mobile devices. This means that details about debit and credit cards won’t be stored on vulnerable parts of the devices.

According to Singapore Airlines Senior Vice-President, Mr. Campbell Wilson, who is the VP for marketing and sales, this innovative cashless payment system reflects new trends in the island city-state of Singapore, as well as a global trend towards cashless payment systems.

He remarked that mobile payment platforms, including Apple Pay and Android Pay, will offer clients efficient payment options which are smooth and efficient.

Singapore Airlines is Committed to Innovation

At this airline, innovation is valued and embraced. The airline’s leaders are always looking for new ways to enhance customer service experiences via touchpoints which are digital. By utilizing the power of Apple Pay and Android Pay, Singapore Airlines was able to design and implement mobile apps which offer the very latest in modern, secure and time-saving technology to their customers.

Will This Help the Airline Grow?

If you fly in Singapore, this may be the right airline for you. You’ll be able to book your preferred services via the app and get your trips organized way faster than you would if you booked the old-fashioned way. Everything may be taken care of right from your own smart phone or other mobile device.

Singapore Airlines is clearly an airline which puts the customer service experience first. It remains to be seen if the company will experience a big increase in profits due to its convenient mobile apps for Android Pay and Apple Pay. However, it’s probably a safe bet that customers are going to respond to these new cashless payment options by rewarding the airline with their business.

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